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Emmanuel (Jack) Greening and Joan Mary Greening (maiden name Peacock)

My parents' names were Emmanuel (Jack) Greening and Joan Mary Greening (maiden name Peacock).

My Grandparents were George and Clara Peacock.

My uncle and aunt were Charlie and Doris Lloyd (maiden name Peacock). Another uncle was Bert Peacock married to Marjorie Peacock who had three sons Michael Geoffrey and Christopher Peacock.

Have you any information regarding the above or do you know me ?

My son Danny is interested in his family history hence my request.

I was interested to read the information re Cuthbert Harper - my father and uncle worked for Harpers Removals in the 1930's/1940's ish.
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2010-10-21 14:19
Jill Martin (maiden name Greening)
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Comment of wendy bouthillier:
Hi Jill,
I wondered if your family might have any old photographs from when your father ... show moreand uncle worked for Harpers Removals?
Wendy Harper Bouthillier

Added at: 2011-03-23 20:59

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