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Kyrle Earnley Gordon

I am trying to trace my great grandfather Kyrle Earnley Gordon born in Ross about 1839. His father's name was Thomas. He married Eliza Webb in 1866 and then lived in Kent.

My great grandfather Kyrle was a Master Tailor and according to his marriage certificate(1866) his father Thomas was a Stone Mason. An old aunt thought Kyrle had a brother who attended the Bluecoat School in Ross. This is all I know about him.
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2010-02-14 03:42
Margaret Sinclair
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Comment of margaret Sinclair:
I have just discovered that Kyrle was renamed when his mother remarried. He was born as ... show moreEarnley Powell & baptised in Ross 23 Aug. 1839. His father was Thomas Powell & mother Esther Morgan. Thomas & Esther were married 27 Nov 1826 Ross on Wye. I have found 1841 census which says they lived in Kyrle St. so this is where the mane came from.
I am wondering if there is any other information on this family.

Added at: 2012-02-23 11:15

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