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Hilliard and Hicks descendants in Ross on Wye

I am looking for descendants of Samuel HIcks and Ann Evans. Samuel and Ann were born in Ross in about 1804. Samuel was a painter and plasterer. their daughter Fanny married a John Hilliard and had family. He spent many years working for Dr. Alexander Maclavery. John was his groom. John and Fanny lived in Edde Cross Street, Trenchard and New Streets and had 7 children. The Hicks family looked after the chd when they were orphaned.
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2012-02-20 13:38
Sue Fallon
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Comment of William Roger Hicks:
Hello Sue,
Thanks for your mail. I tried to answer you on your e-mail address (.au), ... show morebut my mail was returned. How else can I contact you? Could you send me other contact details, to both r.h..., and also to our other e-mail address: cxandrx@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon, William Roger Hicks
Added at: 2012-02-22 12:46

Comment of Sue Fallon:
HI William

I will try your address. One came out well enough to use. If ... show morenecessary I will post material to this site although it will be in bits and pieces I fear.


Added at: 2012-02-28 07:10

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