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Powell family of Ross

My 4x great Grandmother was a Mary Powel born in Ross, Herefordshire in 1792 the eldest of six children born to Thomas Powel & his wife Ann Roberts, she married a Groom in Aberavon, Glam in 1812 and lived there for the rest of her life raising her family.
My question is about her family, Mary's descendants claimed that she had been the daughter of a squire in Ross-on-wye where her husband Evan Thomas had been a servant there as a Groom and the two had fallen in love and eloped together, I am trying to find if this rather romantic story is true or a tall tale.
From Baptism records I have found Mary had six younger siblings William in 1794, Thomas in 1796, Ann in 1798, Sarah in 1804, John in 1807 and Eleanor in 1812, any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated as so far I have hit a brick wall.
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Bethan Catherine Price
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