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The Maddy Family

I am compiling my family tree relating to the Maddys and I have noted that there are a number of Maddy families in and around Ross on Wye. As the Maddy family seemed to have come from Dorstone Hereford and surrounding villages into Clifford Hereford and Llanigon Breconshire I am wondering if anybody has information relating to any families in the Ross area.

Thank you

Sue Welham (nee Maddy)
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2012-01-20 12:43
Susan Welham
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Comment of Steve Lewis:
Hello, my Aunti Phil was a maddy, she married Uncle Reg Maddy and lived at 13 ... show moreBrixton Terrace, they had 2 sons, Colin and Bryan. Uncle Reg, Aunti Phil and Bryan are no longer with us, they are in Ross churchyard, far corner next to the ashes area. Colin lives in Porthcawl, South Wales. He has twin children, Nick and Louise.
Added at: 2012-03-18 12:41

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