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Churchyard burial map

I am researching my maternal family - all of them born and bred in Ross.
Does anyone know where I could find a burial plan of St Marys? I have spoken to the vicar -she cannot help and I have spoken to the Herefordshire record office and they cannot help either.I have managed to find a few of my family,but,having such a huge family, I'm sure there must be plenty more there waiting to be discovered.

We too are researching family who we know were buried in both Ross and Walford. We would be very interested in finding a burial site plan - for both Walford and Ross, we have already found a couple of gravestones in Walford but there are bound to be others - if only we knew where.

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2011-07-28 13:33
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Comment of ray wilson:
we too tried to find a plan some years ago. we had some success in that ... show moreone of the local undertakers was said to have one. Bevans said yes an older member of the family had one, but we did not ever get to see one! apparently, many gravestones at St Mary's from before about 1920 were removed many yeras ago, so best of luck! I'd be interested to know of your family, ours was the Brays of Henry St in 1890's +.
Added at: 2011-09-01 21:57

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