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  • Trigg (1780-1840)
    Any information about the Trigg family who lived at Ross on Wye at about 1780 to 1840. My 4x grandfather was born about 1812 at ...
  • Trying to find Pentabus
    Hi there, I'm trying to track a little known Ross-on-Wye based hard rock band called PENTAPUS who were operational in the early 1980s. Wonder if any of ...
  • The Nursery
    Where was this? I have found this as an address at a burial at St Mary's in 1903 and again in the 1871 census. Can ...
  • The Gresleys
    Can anyone please tell me where the street name originates from please? Many thanks ...
  • Tayntons
    I am interested in the Taynton family that lived in Ross in the 1800s. Nathanial Taynton was a tailor in Ross in the mid ...
  • Thomas and Maria Morgan
    I am searching for information about Thomas Morgan, a tailor who worked in Ross in the 1830s and 1840s, and his widow Maria who after ...
  • The Bishop family, Lily Cottage,Mount Pleasant Rd, Ross. in 1925.
    I'm trying to trace a Beatrice Alice Maud Bishop, who was aged 14 in 1911.I believe this woman to be my Grand-mother but I haven't ...
  • Thomas Morgan
    Please get in touch if you have any info on a Thomas Morgan who was born in about 1909, he also lived in Much Wenlock ...
  • The Maddy Family
    I am compiling my family tree relating to the Maddys and I have noted that there are a number of Maddy families in and around ...
  • Thomas Smyth -died 1912
    Thomas Smyth dies 24 feb 1912 at Tresseck Farm,Hoarwithy,Hentland aged 64. Family rumour says that he fell off a haystack and died a few days ...
  • The Wilmot family (especially Tom Wilmot) of Pennystone Towers
    I am researching ten young men who served in WW1 for the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. One of these is Lt Tom Wilmot, son of ...

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