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I am researching my maternal family - all of them born and bred in Ross.
Does anyone know where I could find a burial plan of St Marys? I have spoken to the vicar -she cannot help and I have spoken to the Herefordshire record office and they cannot help either.I have managed to find a few of my family,but,having such a huge family, I'm sure there must be plenty more there waiting to be discovered.

Hello Tina,

I have the same trouble finding family graves in St Mary's. So in May this year I started my project of mapping the graveyard and recording and photographing inscriptions. I live in Co Cork Ireland and have only managed a couple of hundred so far but I intend to finish it next year in May. If you want to give me some details I can check to see if I have any of interest to you so far.


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Geoff Minett
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Comment of Mary Sinclair Powell:
Herefordshire Family History Society did extensive mapping of graveyards and cemeteries a few years ago.
Try ... show moretheir website.
However if you let me know the names of the relatives you are looking for plus their dates etc I will look through my records. I am an independent local historian born & bred in Ross and work in social & family history as well as tourism etc.
Hope this is of help.
Regards Mary

Added at: 2012-08-03 23:28

Comment of Mary Sinclair Powell:
By the way my email address is msprosecottage@hotmail.co.uk
Added at: 2012-08-03 23:32

Comment of Margaret Price:
I would be very interested in your map of St Mary's graveyard in Ross on Wye ... show moreI'm looking to find Richard Pryce Whittall & Martha Ellen Whittall's grave
Added at: 2014-09-07 20:05

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