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  • Families: Kyrle Earnley Gordon
    Answer: I am trying to trace my great grandfather Kyrle Earnley Gordon born in Ross about 1839. His father's name was Thomas. He married Eliza Webb ...
  • Families: Highfield School - Miss Clara Blank
    Answer: Please can anyone give me further information on this school, which was evacuated to Ross from Gorleston-on-Sea at the beginning of WW2? Miss Blank died ...
  • Places: Hill Aston, The Lea. Ross on Wye
    Answer: I lived in a Manor house called Hill Aston, ( between, The Lea and Aston Crews. From 1943 - 1953. I went to school @ ...
  • Places: Aston Ingham School 1949 - 1953
    Answer: I would be very interested to hear from anyone who was a pupil at Aston Ingham School 1949 - 1953. The teachers at that time ...
  • Families: Phyllis Gordon Williams
    Answer: Name of person trying to track down is Phyllis Gordon Williams a teacher at the (possibly an art teacher): County Secondary School Cantilupe Road Ross on Wye This was ...
  • People: british and foreign school
    Answer: I am seeking any information about the above school..my great grandfather Josiah morris was a master there in the 1850s..thank you ...
  • Families: Hedley Jones Market Gardener at Fernleigh, Cawdor Hill.
    Answer: My dads’ cousin was a Leonard John Hedley Jones, son of Police Sergeant Lenard Jones. Hedley had a long gone market Garden at Fernleigh, Cawdor ...

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