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Phyllis Gordon Williams

Name of person trying to track down is Phyllis Gordon Williams a teacher at the (possibly an art teacher):

County Secondary School
Cantilupe Road
Ross on Wye

This was the address she wrote down.

She was at teacher there at least 1951 /1952
1952/1953 academic year.

Williams was her maiden name. She had been married with children so
unsure whether she used her married or maiden name in school.

It likely that she would have been round 41/42 in age.

She lived at 21,Green Street

I am hoping that I may be able through the school connection to obtain a photo of her and any other information anyone can offer me.
I would be interested to know who the head teacher was at the time and
any other members of staff.
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2012-05-25 16:13
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Comment of sharon baugh:
She was indeed an art Teacher, 1958-60 at least when I was at the schhol. She ... show morewas known as mrs williams and lived in green street hereford for many years. She always had a blue rinse on her hair. She was a brilliant Art teacher. Mr. Jeans was the head teacher at the time.
Added at: 2012-07-10 21:43

Comment of sharon baugh:
The school was Ross county secondary School. Not cantilupe road as that is where the primary ... show moreschool was.
Added at: 2012-07-10 21:47

Comment of Mike Ebert:
I remember Mrs Williams as an Art teacher when I was at Ross Secondary Modern School, ... show more1963-68. Mr. Jeans was the headmaster,followed by Mr James. I am sure that Mrs. Williams will be on some of the School Photos taken during those years.
Added at: 2014-01-03 23:46

Comment of Shamun baker:
Hi I can help as she is my grandmother
Added at: 2017-06-12 10:05

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